9 Best Tested Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kits (2022)

Many people living in apartments don’t have the space to grow their own fresh herbs and vegetables. But with a hydroponic garden, you can easily grow plants indoors without soil or any gardening experience whatsoever.

The key is to find a hydroponic garden kit that suits your needs and lifestyle. You’ll want one that comes with everything you need to get started including the pots, plant food, fertilizer tablets, seeds or seedlings as well as instructions on how to use it all together.

Indoor hydroponic garden kits are a great solution for anyone with an apartment. You can grow fresh herbs and veggies easily without any experience or knowledge.

Hydroponic gardening is the process of growing plants in an artificial environment by recreating the natural conditions that promote plant growth such as lighting, humidity, and temperature.

This type of gardening is typically done indoors using soil-less mediums like gravel, clay pellets, perlite, etc. If you are wondering which are the best units to buy, then have a look at the list below, we eliminated the guesswork for you.

Best Tested Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kits

Aerogarden Bounty Basic

#1 – Aerogarden Bounty Basic: Perfect for the Herb-Loving, Homegrown Chef.

Growing herbs indoors can be a challenge for even the most experienced gardener. One of the best ways to grow your own herbs is with an AeroGarden Bounty. This indoor hydroponic herb garden comes in three different sizes, so you can grow as many or as few plants as you want.

The new design also includes upgraded LED lights and advanced plant sensors that ensure optimum growth while providing constant care and maintenance. You’ll also love that this new model features Wi-Fi connectivity, and Alexa compatibility,

Aerogarden Black Harvest Garden

#2 – Aerogarden Black Harvest Garden: Grow Fresh Herbs & Vegetables Year-Round.

The aerogarden Harvest Garden is a small countertop garden that uses hydroponics to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. It has LED lights that are energy efficient, meaning you can enjoy delicious homegrown food without worrying about the environmental impact of power consumption.

The plants in this garden will grow naturally in water, without soil or mess – saving time for busy families who want to eat healthy meals but don’t have the time or patience to tend their own gardens.​​​​​​​

iDOO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

#3 – “iDOO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Hydroponics Growing System” 

The iDOO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit is an easy way to grow plants indoors. This hydroponics growing system comes with LED Grow Light, Super Quiet Self-Watering Planter, Smart Soil Sponge Pods, Water Filling Port and visual water level window.

The self-watering planter includes smart soil pods that will keep the plants hydrated while you’re away from home. With this kit you can grow anything from herbs to vegetables in your home or office kitchen area. 

Veritable Classic Indoor Garden

#4 – With Veritable Classic Indoor Garden, Grow. Harvest. Enjoy!

The Veritable Classic Indoor Garden is a great solution for people who want to grow their own produce but lack the space or time. This self-contained, plug-and-grow garden requires no dirt and has an energy efficient design that allows you to have fresh herbs and  vegetables all year round.

It’s an easy installation process: just plug in, fill the water tank, insert the lingots and harvest after about 4 weeks. 

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

#5 – AeroGarden Harvest Elite – A Low-Maintenance Garden for People on the Go!

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a low-maintenance garden for people on the go. It can grow up to 6 plants at a time, and you don’t need any soil or dirt because it grows in water!

This indoor garden requires no maintenance, and once your plants are grown they can be plucked straight from the pot into your dish. With this simple method of gardening you’ll never have to worry about pests ruining your harvest again!

AeroGarden Harvest 360

#6 – AeroGarden Harvest 360: The Garden That Fits on Your Countertop!

The Aerogarden Harvest 360 is the perfect solution for those who don’t have a green thumb, but still want to grow their own herbs and vegetables. The garden comes with six pods that can be filled with water and different seeds to grow your favorite plants year-round.

It’s easy to use and designed for people who are new or uncomfortable with gardening – there’s no soil involved! The LED lights on the inside of the device will provide all the light needed to promote growth and provide a faster growing time while providing natural light for healthy plant growth.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

#7 – Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors with iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

Do you have a green thumb? Love fresh herbs and vegetables but don’t have the time to garden? You can now grow your own organic herbs and  produce indoors with iDOO Hydroponics Growing System. The kit includes everything you need, including seeds, for growing plants like lettuce, basil, thyme and more in less than 2 square feet of space. 

You can grow up to seven plants at once using this indoor herb garden starter kit. The control panel allows you to adjust light levels as well as the humidity level of your new space. This indoor herb garden starter kit is perfect for people who want to be able to grow their own food even if they live in an apartment.

iDOO Hydroponics Grower

#8 – iDOO Hydroponics Grower, Hydroponic Gardener: These Gifts Are Perfect for the Urban Dweller!

Hydroponics is a system of gardening that does not use soil. The Hydroponics Growing System with 7 pods is made for planting herbs and vegetables in water for faster growth.

This means there are no soil contaminants to worry about, ensuring a natural and green experience free of pesticides and fertilizers. The hydroponic garden kit requires no dirt or messy tilling, which makes it perfect for the urban dweller with limited space! 

Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden

#9 – Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden Is Changing the Way We Grow.

Hydroponics, or the growing of plants without soil, is an increasingly popular method to grow crops. Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic GardeN has 12 pods, and provides a modern and sleek design that has no soil technology.

This new system cultivates plants with nutrient-rich water and doesn’t use any heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals. The Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden is designed for those who live or work in high-rise buildings and have limited space.


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