How to Grow Sweet Marjoram Herb at Home (Grow Guide)

Marjoram (originally from Asia) has a distinctive scent that adds a wonderful accent to any type of dish. Marjoram comes in many colors and forms from rose, purple, pink, white, yellow, and orange. When you grow marjoram it will add a great dimension to the flavor and aroma of any dish you might be preparing.

Marjoram is actually a hardy plant that can be grown in containers and out in the garden. All varieties of marjoram tend to be quite popular for culinary use as a seasoning for many dishes. They are also often grown as a fragrant plant for its attractive fragrance. There are several methods on how to grow marjoram herb.

Growing with Seeds

The simplest way to grow marjoram is through seed. All you have to do is purchase seeds from Amazon or grow marjoram from seed that you have in your own garden. This method works best if you have a variety of marjoram available and seedlings are available on a regular basis.

For people who do not have access to seeds, there are a few methods on how to grow marjoram herb that does not require seed. These methods are easy to prepare and can be grown in the garden with limited maintenance.

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Marjoram can also be dried out using a dehydrator. All you have to do is lay them out on a tray inside the dehydrator and then place them in a room with enough heat to keep them warm. During the first half an hour of drying, they will start to soften and turn a pale brown color.

After this second half-hour, the marjoram will turn a darker shade of brown. After the second half an hour extra drying period the marjoram will have turned black.


Marjoram can be bought fresh or frozen. Fresh marjoram can be cut into small pieces or placed in water. While the marjoram is floating in the water, put some salt onto the leaves, and put them in the refrigerator. Then take the marjoram out of the refrigerator after about 24 hours and allow it to sit out until the salt dissolves.

The next day wash them with cold water and then drain off the salt. Marjoram should be prepared fresh and stored in airtight containers.

Culinary Uses

Marjoram can also be ground and added to sauces. All you have to do is grind them up and put them in a food processor to make marjoram sauce. You can also try adding them to salad dressings or desserts.

Marjoram also makes a good addition to your dinner table. If you do not like marjoram as a part of your meal use them as a garnish for cheese or fruit spreads. Marjoram also makes a great addition to spice mixes.

All you have to do is take some marjoram and mix them with basil leaves to make a nice herb mixture. You could even mix them in with the rice to create a filling dip. Add some sage leaves if you would like or use them to make a sandwich spread.

How to Grow Marjoram Herb in Pots

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How to grow marjoram herb in pots can be an exciting hobby. There are many varieties and types of marjoram and each one has its own characteristics that are unique and beautiful. For this reason, it is important for one to select the type of marjoram herb that will be used in the garden to achieve a particular effect in the garden.

Marjoram is one of those herbs that do not require too much maintenance when grown from seeds. Most people plant their seeds in the spring or early summer after the first frost in order to harvest them at the onset of winter.

The most common way to grow marjoram as a growing herb is in planters. You can find these planters on Amazon. When the marjoram plant starts to grow inside the planter, the growth tends to slow down and the marjoram flowers become a lot easier to harvest. It is important to ensure that one does not plant their marjoram too close to the walls because of the heat from the sun.

In most cases, one should prune marjoram in order to make it look more vibrant and to ensure that they are manageable with small plants. When pruning, one should always do this before the first frost in the garden.

The marjoram herb is also known as marjoram leaves and marjoram flowers because of the fact that they resemble marjoram flowers. Another reason why marjoram is called such is because of how fragrant it is when picked. People who are looking for a wonderful herb to use in their kitchen can find lots of varieties in the market.

In order to grow marjoram herb in pots, it is important to have a container with a low opening that can be used to allow the moisture to drain out from the herb. In addition, it is also important to have a container that will allow air to flow through the container.

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If one were to grow marjoram herb in pots, it is essential to make sure that the container is well-draining. This is to avoid any damage being done to the marjoram plant and is also to prevent the roots from rotting from the elements.

After selecting the type of marjoram that they wish to grow, one should water the plant at least once a week. In the event that the plant becomes dry, it is necessary to replace the soil by using gravel or another moistened mix.

As it is essential to use a container that allows for air to flow through, it is also essential to use a container that has a medium or firm texture to allow for ease of growing marjoram herb in planters. I find that these planters are the easiest planters to grow marjoram herb in. Get it on Amazon.

When growing marjoram herb in pots or planters, it is important to place the pot on a drainage base that is slightly elevated from the ground so that the water and oxygen can be circulated in the pot. It is also important to remember to make sure that the pot is in a well-ventilated area so that the seeds are not exposed to too much light.

It is also important to make sure that the soil that the marjoram herb will be planted into is able to provide nutrients for the plant to grow properly. It is important to keep in mind that the soil that they are going to be planted in should be rich in nutrients and should also be a good mixture of compost. I use the FoxFarm soil when growing marjoram with great success.

The soil should also be prepared in order for the marjoram herb to grow in pots. One should remember to keep in mind the fact that the soil should be moist when the seeds are growing and to ensure that the seeds do not get lost in the soil.

The herbs that need more water than others should be planted first before the marjoram herb. As it is imperative to grow marjoram herb in pots, it is important to plant them closer to the plants that need more water in order for them to grow faster.


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