8 Best Pots for Growing Herbs Outdoors (Rated For 2022)

Gardening can be a great way to get some fresh air and have fun outdoors. If you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable way to garden, growing herbs in pots is the perfect solution.

There are many types of herb pots available that make it easy to grow your own delicious herbs right outside your door! Check out our top rated picks for 2022.

Best Pots for Growing Herbs Outdoors

La Jolíe Muse Planters.

#1 – Your Home Just Got Way More Beautiful with These Gorgeous La Jolíe Muse Planters.

If you’re looking for a large planter that will look good on your patio, deck or garden than this is for you. This pot is (14.2” D x 10.6” H) and comes with a unique design, and it can be used to grow any type of herb plant such as basil, rosemary, sage etc. It also has drainage holes which make it perfect if you live in an area where there are heavy rains because it won’t make your herbs waterlogged. The planters are large and spacious. They’re made of durable polyresin, which is a material that resists weathering. The wide base means they won’t tip over easily, so you can use them on your patio or deck without worrying about spilling dirt all over the place. 

HC Companies Classic Plastic Planter

#2 – HC Companies Classic Plastic Planter: Durable, Lightweight and Color-Fade Resistant.

Plastic planters are a great choice for those looking to get into herb gardening without spending too much money. These plastic containers are very durable and lightweight, making them perfect for outdoor gardening on decks, porches and even patios. They have drainage holes to allow water to flow out of the container without leaving excess water in the bottom, which could lead to root rot and other problems. There are many benefits of using this type of planter: they can be used as a potting bench, planters that can be left outside year round with no worries, and will not crack nor color-fade over time. 

Kante Concrete Planters

#3 – Kante Concrete Planters: the Perfect Way to Grow Your Favorite Herb Plants.

Kante Lightweight Concrete Modern Outdoor Round Planter is a great way to grow your favorite herb plants. It’s perfect for patios or yards and will add life to any outdoor space These planters look great on the patio or in the yard and are made of lightweight concrete so they’re easy to move around as needed. This large capacity planter comes in one size (14-in W x 14-in L x 12-in H) that is perfect for all herb types. If you’re looking for a new herb garden design idea this year, Kante Concrete Planters might be just what you need!

Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel, 15", Distressed Oak

#4 – Add A Little Classic Style To Your Patio With This Whiskey Barrel.

Patios and decks are places where you can relax with friends and family. But they’re also more than just a place to sit, as these areas have the potential to be an extension of your home’s interior design. Adding a whiskey barrel is one way to bring classic style into your outdoor space while adding visual interest at the same time. A bourbon barrel is not only for aging whiskey anymore! The previously used oak barrels are now being turned into new products that add character and charm for your herb plants. Constructed from lightweight and durable composite material, this product will never rot or warp. These barrels are UV protected with drainage holes which make them perfect for outdoor use. Available in three sizes 9″, 15″, & 20″.

 Worth Garden's Luxury Flower Pots

#5 – Worth Garden’s Luxury Flower Pots Make the Best Present for Someone Who Loves Gardening.

The Worth Garden Luxury Set of 3 Resin Large Flower Pots Outdoor & Indoor are the perfect present for someone who loves gardening. Worth Garden is a manufacturer of high-quality garden products that have been used in some of the most prestigious gardens and resorts. They produce resin pots, which are durable and lighter weight than clay pots. The pots are made of polypropylene plastic, which is durable and lighter weight than traditional terracotta flower pots. These outdoor flower pots have a 3 year warranty and they are weather resistant, impact resistant, so you can enjoy them for years to come!

Kante lightweight concrete modern long outdoor, large planter

#6 – Kante The Ultimate Modern Herb Planter for Your Home.

Kante lightweight concrete modern long outdoor, large planter is the perfect planter for your patio or porch. This innovative product can be used indoors and outdoors, so you have more options when deciding where to place it. The container itself is made of a unique material called Kante Lightweight Concrete that’s designed to last longer than regular concrete without compromising on its strength.  You can fill this lightweight concrete container with your favorite herbs or succulents!

Bloem Fiskars 20 Inch Ariana Self-Watering Planter

#7 – The Bloem Fiskars 20 Inch Ariana Self-Watering Planter is the Future of  Herb Gardening.

The Bloem Fiskars 20 Inch Ariana Self-Watering Planter is the future of gardening. The self-watering planter will quickly become one of your favorite pots because it helps keep your plants from drying out and will reduce the time you spend watering. The self-watering system also reduces the amount of water needed to maintain healthy plants, which means less trips to fill up a watering can.

Fox & Fern's Indoor/Outlight Plant Pot

#8 – Fox & Fern’s Indoor/Outlight Plant Pot is Lightweight and Weather Resistant.

The Fox & Fern 12″ Large Indoor/Outlight Plant Pot is a lightweight, durable plant pot that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Fiberstone construction is weather resistant and lasts a lifetime. Fiberstone construction is the best choice for people who want to keep their plants protected but also need them to survive in harsh climates such as high humidity or cold winters. This plant pot will never crack, chip, peel or fade like some other materials.


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