16 Amazing Benefits of Growing Borage in your Garden

Borage is a herb that is native to Asia and can be found in some regions of North America. It is a perennial plant that has a small green growth that will grow from the top of the soil and spread out towards the sides of the plants.

The leaves are generally about four inches long, and they will grow as wide as two feet at one time. Growing borage is an easy task and not as expensive as you might think. The great thing about growing this plant is that it has so many benefits and uses, that it’s easy to overlook these basic tips.

Benefits of Growing Borage in your Garden

Culinary Uses

Borage  has many uses as a home herb. If you are a fan of cooking, you may have tried Borage seeds on your meat. You will be pleased to know that this tasty annual plant can also be used to flavor your vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and even potatoes.

Some people even grow their storage from seed, adding them to the garden for a quick, healthy snack. The little buds turn into large, colorful berries in the fall and winter. Harvested early in the season, it has  a distinct fruity taste.

If you grow large amounts of the plant, you can use the leaves in  teas and more. You can also use the leaves to scent-food items, such as cheese, eggs and other foods.

If you have ever tasted Borage juice, you will know why it is so popular as a beverage. Borage juice is not only refreshing and tasty, it has many wonderful health benefits, as well.

Tea Benefits

In fact, drinking this tea several times a day can help you in eliminating the bad cholesterol present in your body as well as preventing the development of atherosclerosis in the heart. This in turn can also reduce the risk of stroke, dementia, and certain types of cancers.

Use it as a Sweetener

As a sweetener, borage has been used in baking since ancient times. Its delicate flavor makes it a good choice for desserts, in chocolate, cookies, muffins and pie crusts.


Aromatherapy – It is thought to help treat various ailments including chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and stress, asthma, sinusitis, and arthritis. It is also believed to aid the body in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food.

Helps with Weight loss

Many people are wondering about the positive effect Borage has on weight loss. Is this herb beneficial in reducing your weight, or does it just make you want to eat less?

Borage is known for its ability to improve your metabolism. When you add it to your diet, you can burn more calories and lose more weight. Also, you may find that you feel fuller longer. It also helps to flush toxins from your body which helps you lose weight faster.

If you have taken weight loss supplements in the past, you will find that Borage will enhance your ability to lose weight. In fact, it is an ingredient in many popular weight loss products. It is also used as an appetite suppressant. So if you’re tired all the time, it may be helping you to lose weight.

When you take Borage, you must be careful not to over do it. You should start with small doses because you do not want to experience any side effects. If you find that you are unable to tolerate regular doses, you may want to increase your dose slowly and monitor your progress carefully.

As you lose weight, you may find that you are not hungry as often as before. Your metabolism may also pick up. You will also notice that your appetite changes as well. You may find that you are not as hungry at night when you go to bed because your body has adjusted to the Borage effects on weight loss.

Good for Digestion

If you have digestive problems, then you might want to try using Borage. It is a herb that is used for a lot of different things and some of the most common things you will find are treating indigestion. It can also be used for other digestion problems as well.

For example, it can be used in the treatment of stomach bloating. I would highly recommend this herb if you are having a tough time with digestion. There are many natural digestive problems that can be treated with this herb such as bloating, gas, and cramps.

Helps Alzheimer’s

One of the medicinal uses of Borage is to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that when this herb is eaten, the body produces its own anti-oxidants.

In fact, it has been found that a quarter of the Alzheimer’s patients are believed to have lower blood cholesterol levels due to Borage medicinal use.

Good for Arthritis

Another of the medicinal uses of Borage medicinal uses is to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. When applied topically, it helps relieve the pain caused by arthritis.

Furthermore, it helps improve mobility of the joints by acting as a lubricant. The leaf can also be taken orally to help ease the pain caused by arthritis and other diseases.

Urinary Tract Problems

Borage herbal extract has also been used in the treatment of urinary tract problems such as incontinence and as a diuretic.

Good for Toothaches

Borage is a mild herbal tea which can be used to provide relief from the pain caused by toothaches. The active ingredient found in Borage tea is EGCG which is known to help the body in getting rid of bacteria and toxins that may have accumulated over time.

High levels of Antioxidants

Borage is  rich in antioxidants. This helps the body to fight the harmful free radicals present in your body. The free radicals that may have accumulated in your body can cause your body to get damaged.

Fights Cancer

Borage medicinal use also includes fighting against cancer. Since this herb is a good antioxidant, it is helpful in reducing the risk of cancer cells being attracted to cells. It also has an anti-cancer effect, as well as having a powerful ability to remove free radicals from the body.

Looks Beautiful

One benefit of growing borage is that the leaves on the plant look very pretty. These beautiful leaves will bring your backyard or patio area to life whenever there is a breeze. You can even place an outdoor screen to cover the plant during the hot summer months, to keep the leaves cool.

Easy to Grow

Borage grows well on a sunny window sill, in full sun in the shade, or in partial shade. But it also has some pretty blue flowers which make it ideal for small gardens, like a patio or balcony, or in containers. Borage is best grown as a blooming plant, since young, growing plants tend to have short-blooming periods.

Good for Soil

Borage is also known to have positive effects on the soil, especially when growing healthy plants. Growing borage helps the soil stay nutrient rich.

When soil is rich in nutrients, it will help plant roots to thrive. If the plant does not have enough nutrients, it can cause problems for the plant itself, such as the plants falling leaves, brown spots, and other problems.

The leaves can help increase the amount of nutrients that your soil has, and make the process easier for you to maintain.

Requires Little Maintenance

Borage is that it is a great addition to your landscape. When used for landscaping and creating beds, you can enjoy the plant in all four seasons, year round, as it does not require much maintenance in order to thrive.​​​​​​​

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful benefits to growing borage. It is very easy to take care of and will do just fine with minimal care from you. If you enjoy growing flowers, plants, and vines, this will be a great addition to your garden.


I’m not a medical professional. Content on this website is intended for informational purposes only, and is not meant to provide medical advice. Please always consult a licensed medical professional before using any herb.


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